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DPF's Kiwiblog - Fomenting Happy Mischief since 2003

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  • 12/04/12--20:04: By: bringbackdemocracy
  • Will David Bain head the Paper-boys union?

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  • 12/04/12--20:05: By: Tim
  • The Bill won't mean that every person who provides labour for hire or reward and who is aged 16 or under will need to be paid the minimum wage because there is no minimum wage for people aged 15 and under (see s4 Minimum Wage Act 1983). Ten year olds already have the right to go to the Employment Relations Authority. Section 18 Health and Safety in Employment Act 1992 already says that principals must take all practicable steps to keep their contractors safe. In addition, r 58A Health and Safety Regulations 1995 extends the protections afforded to young employees to young contractors, which include protections such as a prohibition on young workers working with machinery or doing any dangerous work. The Minors' Contracts Act 1969 already says that contracts are unenforceable against minors but otherwise have effect as if the minor were of full age, unless a court decides otherwise. So, if you hire a paperboy as a contractor you can't actually enforce that contract against him unless a court decides it is fair and reasonable. Contracts of service (employment agreements) may be entered into by minors but courts may examine whether those contracts are harsh or oppressive or unconscionable. The difference would largely be around Holidays Act entitlements and other minimum employment code provisions. Hopefully not parental leave at that age.

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  • 12/04/12--21:16: By: wat dabney
  • The aim is to politicise every aspect of everyone's lives. There won't be anything you can do which is not controlled and regulated by the state.

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  • 12/04/12--21:20: By: Dazzaman
  • My kids wouldn't take any notice of this sort of thing anyway. The older ones will still bribe their lesser's with an ice cream to do their runs for them, all the while all of them will moan to their mother about their inequitable monetary situation...and she'll cave & use up my "allowance" (we all know who gets the lions share on payday...straight into her account) to cheer them up! I never win.

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  • 12/04/12--22:25: By: Sadu
  • In my experience most kids are either employees working for supermarkets etc, or they work for cash. I have never heard of this mythical contractor kid who files their own tax return etc. Does such a thing exist?

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  • 12/04/12--22:36: By: Pauleastbay
  • Sadu My daughter contracts and has to do the tax thing because she is paid by an agency that has to do the tax thing. Its that bloody tax thing all the time

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  • 12/04/12--23:13: By: salt
  • Jesus, it's not as if they're saying paperboys must now be offered pension plans. All they are proposing is that a 12-year-old working for you on a regular basis have the same legal rights as a 16, 17, 18, or 33-year-old working for you in the same circumstances. It is utterly ridiculous to consider young children 'contractors' - contractors are self-employers, effectively; and in order to conform 100% with the law, that entails a much higher degree of savvy and planning than simply being an employee. Plenty of adults seem cognitively incapable of following the contractor rules, so it seems a bit rough to tell intermediate-age kids they've no other option. As for babysitters etc: plenty of people over the age of 16 babysit, whether for free or for cash. I doubt any of the parents involved pay ACC levies or the like. The sky has not fallen in. By the same token, I doubt that a 14-year-old 'contractor' babysitting for several families a month is even aware of the need to declare his/her income, or to pay ACC levies.

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  • 12/04/12--23:39: By: Dirty Rat
  • So I take it that Farrar wants to ensure that paper boys are self employed, pay their own ACC, and contract Accountants to prepare their IR3's ? Which of course they wont By that logic Farrar and the National Party promotes Tax Evasion Shame on you Farrar

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  • 12/05/12--02:22: By: itstricky
  • :) Hillarious I like the constant "the sky is falling!, the commies are coming!" comments followed by Tim's simple statement of the actual facts. Followed by .... silence. Nothing like a few facts to get in the way of a good bit of lefty bashing. Darn it, no wonder this thread is all quiet. Let's play a game of ...I predict Farrar's next column will be...

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  • 12/05/12--09:01: By: Manolo
  • <blockquote><i>And to think Labour made a big deal about Peter Dunne taxing paper boys. </i></blockquote> Rightly so, too. Dunne should keep his sticky fingers out of anyone's pay packet. It deserves as much condemnation as the socialists' ludicrous idea. Thieves from both sides of Parliament.

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  • 12/05/12--09:53: By: UglyTruth
  • <blockquote> My daughter contracts and has to do the tax thing because she is paid by an agency that has to do the tax thing. </blockquote> She's not really contracting if the agency is compelled to pay tax. Valid contacts only exist between parties who are not under the power of another (sui juris).

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